Why do the troops die

Consider the reasons why die units (troops) in the game Rise of Kingdoms.

Troops in the game Rise of Kingdoms die in several cases.

In your city hospital was filled with wounded troops and all other troops at the battle will die because of the lack of capacity of the hospitals.

the Troops will always die and not get to the hospital when attacking enemy structures (not troops in the field). These buildings are fortresses, flags and cities. When attacking troops in the field, and when attacking resource points troops do not die and get to the hospital.

To minimize your loss of troops, GuruGamer advising on opportunities to maximise the level of your hospitals.

When you attack your enemy troops, if you know what you lose, GuruGamer advising to withdraw the troops to the nearest flag of your Alliance. And then to bring them back.

Features attack your city, we will examine further in our other article.

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