Genghis Khan

Manual commander Genghis Khan.

the Mongols. Cavalry.

Primary skill: "the Chosen one". Deals really huge damage (up to 1700). Stages of leveling skills: 800/1000/1200/1400/1700. To use default 950 fury.

Second skill reduces the requirement of rage to 100. Stages of pumping: 20/40/60/80/100.

total, 2 first skills prokachany to the maximum allow Genghis Khan to damage 1700 15% more often than other commanders.

skill 3 and 4 together, prokachany to the maximum, give +30% attack at 70%+ troops and at least 50% of the troops of Genghis Khan. That is almost always +30% attack.

Leveling talents of Genghis Khan:

Muruganar advising paired with Genghis Khan to use:

1) Pelayo - healing allows you to support the troops on the battlefield, and he has an active skill that increases the factor of direct damage and additional damage factor. It also helps to restore wrath.

2) Baybars - if you want to slow down the enemy, you can use Baybars because it reduce the speed of the March. If you are going to attack the city, you can also use it, because he is good attacking the city's commander.

he also has the heal skill, but it differs from Pelayo. His healing acts at the end of the battle. It also increases the speed of the March.

3) Belisarius - reduction attack + defense reduction, these debuffs have very much, because it will help you win. The decrease in attack will make you a tanker. The decrease in defense will make you deal much more damage to the enemy.

It also increases the defense of cavalry up to 30% and increases the speed of the March by 15% after out of battle.

Thus, if you want to play Genghis Khan with Belisarius, you will be able to quickly defeat the enemy, heal your troops, and then quickly run away. But if you want to fight next, you can go to Pelayo.

4) Excellent ligament damage - Genghis Khan+Minamoto. There is nothing more to add.

5) best of the bunch in our opinion - Genghis Khan+Cao Cao. Balanced and a lot of damage and slowing the enemy, and treatment of troops. And most importantly for Genghis Khan from Cao Cao - reduction requirements rage to use the most powerful skill of Genghis Khan.

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скрин не очень понятен
А как получить этого командира?
Карточный король либо колесо крутить. Все это за кристаллы
На 140 день сервера на колесе фортуны появляется


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