Guide for beginners on the game Rise of Kingdoms

Guide for beginners. To read all necessarily! These tips will not let you make a lot of mistakes and make you a strong player as quickly as possible.

At Once I will tell that Donat strongly facilitates pumping of the player in any game. Rise of Kingdoms is no exception. But we're not going to take the infusion of money into account now. The tips listed here are important with or without donat.

Rise of Kingdoms is a strategy. And like all strategy games, this game for effective and rapid development requires a special strategy in development. Gurugamer reveals the secrets of this development in this article.

Highlights. What to do and what not to do. Go!

1. The Academy to study only the "Military technology". "Economic technologies" will gather your scouts.

2. Your scouts must be running all the time! (they will collect you a lot of buns, technology, resources , troops, etc.)

3. Daily task where you need to score 100 points - to do every day until the last chest. If not enough to last chest, yuzaem amplifiers collection. But Thrifty. Usiliteli collection is still useful to us.

4. With the development of the city - the emphasis on the town hall. Poke her and build all the buildings she needs.

5. Energy. It you should always be at zero! Go to the barbarians (buns give), go with the Alliance on the "FORTS of the barbarians" (also bun). Energy accumulate over time, you can replenish banks. But we use banks sparingly, as sometimes they are more necessary at events.

6. We save crystals, spend on roulette or at the event on spending crystals. You can spend on acceleration at the "Mysterious Trader", which sells sometimes with a very good discount.
7. Use the scroll of the second Builder to build 2 times faster. 
8. Construction must go constantly. The production of the troops should be constant. Research must izti constantly. No pauses or breaks. Before going to sleep, we look at how much time is left, and if we are going to sleep longer, we catch up with accelerators and start a new production, research or construction.

9. At the initial stage of development of the mining resources swing commanders. Here is a list in descending order of importance:
Jeanne dark, Gaius Marius, sharkah, Constance, centurion, Cleopatra. 
Talents thus Commanders distribute best in collection resources.
Use for collection resources type of troops "Siege."
10. RAM, siege weapon of the first level, it is not necessary to improve. They are needed to collect resources. We just do a lot of them. At the initial stage it is the first level. So they are produced faster. We need them as much as we can take all the collectors at the same time. When they become more - only then raise their level.
11. A very important tip for leveling your heroes! Do not seek to immediately raise the level of a new hero, which you got. Note the fact that most of the characters is the first skill (sometimes the first and second) the most important and strong. It is necessary to raise to level 5 is necessary. Therefore tactics such:
  • received the hero of the first level - pour into it figures of this hero or gold statues
  • after increase of the first skill to the last fifth level - pump over the hero to the next star level, to open for pumping the second skill
  • pour the figures of the hero or Golden statues in the second skill
  • after pumping the first two skills to level 5, you can continue to raise the star level of the hero on
Guide for beginners on the game Rise of Kingdoms
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hello i like this site can i contact with admin? thanks
Yes, you can write me a personal message on this site
How could i level up the skill chosen instead of randomly skill level up?
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