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Unique, won the legendary popularity of the game World of Tanks, of course, should be awarded a separate page on our website. We will try to collect more useful information to learn how to play this game professionally. 

World of Tanks - multiplayer online game in real time in the genre of arcade tank simulator in the historical setting of the Second world war. The game features several countries - parties to the conflict, namely the USSR, Germany, USA, France, China, Japan and the UK. Players fight in battles 15x15 players in several different modes, the essence of most of which is to destroy all enemy tanks. In the battles in the World of Tanks on one side of the conflict can act tanks from opposing States in reality, and even tanks that have not been officially launched in the series.
Great importance in World of Tanks is given to the historical reliability of combat vehicles. This applies to their appearance, close to the realism of the reservation, the location of internal and external units and crew. However, WoT is not a full-fledged simulator, and therefore many values - such as ballistics, the speed of movement of tanks and their survivability - are not based on the real parameters of similar combat units, but adapted for playability and comfort.
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