The Ark Of Osiris. Guide the passage of the Ark of Osiris.

Ark of Osiris is a big game event, Kingdom vs Kingdom battle, in which top alliances from different kingdoms fight in battle against top alliances from other kingdoms. Today we will try to tell in detail about the Ark of Osiris, making a guide on the passage of the Ark.

This update for the game was launched in January 2019.

At the beginning of Osiris, your Alliance either becomes followers of SETH (red on the map) or ISIS (blue on the map) and fights on the new playing field to capture and hold the main buildings in this new world. < ya>Different points and buildings are distributed to different places on the new field and battles continue until the battle time expires. The ark of Osiris lasts 1 hour.

Only alliances in the top 20 of their Kingdom can take part in the battle for the Ark of Osiris. Next, the Alliance leader must choose 30 players to take the field in battle and fight. Game logic and with < ya>istema game automatically picks up the opponent. It seeks to ensure that the battle involved an army of approximately equal strength. Is not considered to be the strength of the Alliance, and the sum of all the power of all was the Ark of players. The image shows the total strength of each command:

Important requirements for participation in the Ark of Osiris:

1. All your troops have returned to your city.

2. There are no wounded troops in your hospital and all troops are cured.

3. Your city is not in war mode (madness war).

4. In your city should not be reinforcements from allies

The Ark of Osiris goes through two stages. 

Preparation Phase where you can place Alliance markers but not teleport, occupy buildings or send troops.

Phase of the battle, which itself is divided into three phases: the first period-obelisks and outposts are not protected; the second period-all other structures are not protected; the third period-the Ark of Osiris appears.

The Ark of Osiris itself is in the center of the map. For his capture is given a large number of points. The ark appears 1 time in a few minutes. The army that captured it is getting very slow. The task-to carry the Ark to the nearest building (which is already captured by your Alliance), not occupied by the enemy. If on the way the army that carries the Ark is attacked, the Ark falls to the ground. And it can pick up any other player. Therefore, the support of the Ark in the construction must be organized and the Ark to protect.

Captured shrines give additional bonuses in battle. Some increase attack and some increase healing speed.

Outposts do not give many points. Altars on the contrary, are very profitable in points when captured.

Caravans. Gather resources there by collectors. The higher the level of the caravan, the more points.

the Obelisk is a very important structure. Capturing the obelisk allows you to teleport to it. Since the first capture of the obelisk gives only 5 teleports, Gurugeimer advises the strongest players to teleport to the captured obelisk first, so that they can significantly advance in the further capture of buildings. Captured obelisks gradually generate new teleports for the Alliance that captured them. Then you can teleport the other members of the Alliance. an Important! To teleport to the obelisk, all your troops must be either in your city or in any of the buildings on the map (obelisk, Outpost, military camp or altar).

Wins the Alliance with the most points. The earned points of each Alliance are displayed at the top in the middle of the screen:

Each player receives individual points for their actions, according to the results of which the player receives a reward at the end of the battle.

For what and how many points are issued in the Ark of Osiris:

Capture Result Alliance Points Individual scores
the Ark of Osiris Full Support 3000 300
Altar First capture 750 75
Altar Long capture 150 / min 15 / min
Outpost First capture 80 8
Outpost Long hold 30 / min 3 / min
Shrine First capture 400 40
Shrine Long hold 80 / min 8 / min
Obelisk First capture 100 10
Obelisk Long capture 20 / min 2 / min
Caravan lvl.1 Software 50 150
Caravan lvl.2 Software 75 250
Caravan lvl.3 Software 100 300
Kills Protection 10,000 Power = 40 Points
Kills Attack 10,000 Power = 80 Points
Kills Field battle 10,000 Power = 40 Points

Tips for passing the Ark of Osiris:

1. In advance is done poll in Alliance (letter), for example: "Who ready play in Ark Osiris in this Saturday in 22: 0 0 unsubscribe leader Alliance in response to this letter"

2. In advance, all participating players of the Alliance leader are divided into teams. Usually it is "left", "right" and center. Accordingly, teams run to the left side of the map, the right side of the map, or the center to the Ark.

3. In the beginning, the task is to capture as many buildings on the map. Therefore, take the fastest troops, cavalry and run on the map to capture the buildings.< / p>

4. Be sure to teleport to the captured obelisks. This gives a huge advantage, because players do not have to go back to the beginning of the map to restore the army, which takes too much time.


1. How to teleport during Osiris:

Tap the small arrow in the upper left corner, then tap teleport

2. Do troops die when attacking buildings in the Ark of Osiris:

No, troops do not die, but go to the hospital. At the end of the Ark of Osiris, all troops are automatically healed.

3. ...

Ask your questions in the comments, we will answer them. 

The Force come with you!

The Ark Of Osiris. Guide the passage of the Ark of Osiris.
Hello, what are the rules to bring in backup / substitute players?
lil nikki
Substitute players must be registered before registration ends & can only be used if other members do not turn up
влияют технологии клана в осирисе?
Asasin 21
Лечение войск из личного резерва или от события?
Asasin 21
Ресурсы не нужны а ускоры с запасов
Не могу взять ковчег, не получается. Жму на него-ничего не происходит. Объясните, как технически взять ковчег?
Делайте всё то же самое, как когда вы берёте руну на обычной карте: нажимаете не свою армию, держите и наводите её на здание, в котором появляется ковчег.
Hello, I want to ask.
Is the speed of occupation affected by amount of troops stationed in certain building?
Is it same if 1troop is occupying the structure and for full armies?
No, it doesn't. If you capture by one war or capture by an army, the capture time will be the same.
It doesn't matter how many troops take the building.
No it isn't… no matter how many troops you have occupying a building.the timer remains the same ( normal time)
ага. задавайте вопросы — на которые нихуя не отвечают
чисто по-русски — обматерить. посмотрите как общаются люди из других стран.
do you start with resources?
No, when you need to heal in ark it doesn't cost you rss
You only have what rss you have in your inventry
hello can I ask question regarding all troops are in city.

can I still join the battle when my troops are in garrison or in holy sites?

like you can still tp when your troops are not on the field

thanks for answering
Thank you for asking. You can TP if your troops are in the city or in the monuments. If your troops are in the field, you can't make a TP.
Quan Cong
Hi, What does individual score refer to? The player who captures the structure first?
Thanks for your reply in advance.
Asasin 21
В статье есть не точность после недавнего обновления можно телепортироватся не заводят свои войска не в какие здания
will alliance tech take effect for ark of osiris?
Сколько телепортов получает альянс, первім захвативший обелиск в «Ковчеге Осириса»?
Sora Takeo
I have one question, i participated once before but i didnt look to see. Does ark work like in expedition where it takes into account all troops ever trained? or is it only troops you currently have?
А альянсы не входящие в топ 20 то есть 21-100 что тогда?
Сколько длится регистрация на ковчег?У меня начало регистрации выпадает на 3 ночи по Москве, до скольки она будет, чтоб я успел зарегать людей
Какой обелиск считается верхним какой нижний
Через сколько дней ковчег начинается снова? Нуу к примеру он был сегодня и через сколько дней это событие начнется снова?
Раз в 2 недели


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