Lyceum knowledge. The answers to the questions.

Lyceum knowledge. The questions and answers.

  1. Whom the Trojan Prince Paris gave the Golden Apple with the inscription "to the Fairest" in Greek mythology? Aphrodite
  2. That gave the Revival of substantive economic support? — Wealthy patrons
  3. Glasses are composed of quartz, sand and...? — Oil
  4. Who of the Roman emperors were called Augustus after the civil war? — Octavian
  5. Once France and Germany were part of one state. What? Franquia
  6. Who wrote "Art of war"? — Sun Tzu
  7. What type of unit is strong against shooters? — The cavalry
  8. What nickname do Queyras? Red chameleon
  9. Why offspring often passed favorable traits? — More chances of survival and reproduction
  10. Which fossil fuel formed from marine organisms that is often found in tilted or folded layers and is used for heating and cooking? — Natural gas
  11. Who the Greek soldiers killed Hector during the Trojan war? — Achilles
  12. Which commanders became famous as the commander of Kamakura? — Minamoto no Yoshitsune
  13. One of these commanders successfully commanded the cavalry? — Minamoto no Yoshitsune
  14. What is the highest level of the town hall in the RoK? — 25
  15. As Saladin changed the middle East? — Conquered most of Palestine
  16. Which country first introduced the 8-hour day? UK
  17. What a troupe is considered a "national treasure" of Canada? — The Cirque De Soleil
  18. One of these commanders skillfully attacking the enemy city? — Julius Caesar
  19. The theory of what the ancient Greek scientist Galileo refuted his experiment on the leaning tower? — Aristotle
  20. What is a liquid fossil fuel formed from marine organisms that is burned for energy and used to manufacture plastic? — Oil
  21. Where Genghis Khan began to build the Mongol Empire? — Asia
  22. What famous Northern humanists such as Erasmus of Rotterdam? — Interest in religious and social reform
  23. What works of art were written by Flemish and Italian artists in the Renaissance? — Realistic
  24. Why we need books agreements? — To improve the castle
  25. Which artist designed the Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican? — Michelangelo
  26. What a discovery made possible the deciphering of hieroglyphics? — Rosetta stone
  27. How many kings in the history of Ancient Egypt? — 3
  28. How many phases in the event the "Greatest ruler"? — 5
  29. What part of the human body contains the most water? — Eyeballs
  30. Who is considered the "father of the modern Olympic games"? — Pierre de Coubertin
  31. How many kilometers is a marathon? — 40
  32. What drink was invented by American pharmacist John Pemberton? Cola
  33. In what country was invented perfume? — Cyprus
  34. Mutation is the change of what? — DNA
  35. Who owned all the kingdoms of Ancient Egypt? — Pharaoh
  36. Which of the following is not depicted on the Mexican flag? — Camel
  37. The three great ancient Greek philosophers included Plato, Aristotle and...? — Socrates
  38. Printed mills Johannes Gutenberg led to in all listed, except...? — Growth of power of the Church
  39. Three Korean States that Baekje, Silla, and...? — Goguryeo
  40. Where was the place of the first crusade? — Constantinople
  41. What ancient Empire was at war with Ancient Rome in the Punic wars? Carthage
  42. What a distinguished statesman became the first General of Edo Shogunate at the end of the "warring States" in Japan? — Tokugawa Ieyasu
  43. Why the need for arrow resistance? For the watchtower
  44. What attraction in Sydney (Australia) similar to the sails? Sydney Opera house
  45. Who was the Emperor of the first French Empire? — Napoleon Bonaparte
  46. The greater genetic variability of a population, the greater the likelihood that some individuals...? Will survive
  47. In what city hosted the summer Olympics in 2000? — Sydney
  48. How many of these commanders were involved in the Battle at Chibi? — Cao Cao
  49. What is the manga listed in the Guinness Book of world records for the highest circulation comic book of the same author? — One piece
  50. In which country were invented the air conditioner? — USA
  51. One of these commanders successfully commanded the arrows? — Yi Song-Gye
  52. Of the commanders who bore the nickname "the Father of victories"? — Baybars
  53. A commander called the "death med"? — Sarka
  54. What is the institution established in the VI century BC in the Roman Republic, served as Advisory body? The Senate
  55. The name of the revolution, which adopted the constitutional monarchy of great Britain? — The glorious revolution
  56. What are the interspecies differences, for example, a bird's beak? Variations
  57. Which of the seven wonders of the world was created to save the new Babylonian Queen from homesickness? — The hanging gardens of Babylon
  58. What is used to collect the troops of the Alliance? Castle
  59. The ruler of an Ancient Indian state was Ashoka the Great? — Mauryan Empire
  60. What part of the brain is affected by alcohol? — The cerebellum
  61. Which country does not belong to Europe? — Egypt
  62. What honorary title was awarded to the founder of KFC? Colonel
  63. What characterizes the cone-shaped tornado? — Rotation
  64. Which of these terms refers to the valuable materials of geologic origin, extracted from the earth? — Natural resources
  65. In what year did Richard the Lionheart and Saladin made a truce? — 1192
  66. What Portuguese Explorer was the first European to round Africa from the South? Of Bartolomeu Dias
  67. What renewable resource? — Water
  68. That it is not a natural resource? — Clothing
  69. Who created the Julian calendar? — Julius Caesar
  70. Which of the following symbolizes the green Olympic ring? — Oceania
  71. What animal-drawn sleigh rides, Santa Claus? The deer
  72. What river is the longest in the world? — Neil
  73. Who commanded the army of the new sample created by the Parliament during the English civil war? Cromwell
  74. What is the phenomenon in which organisms transmit their traits to offspring? — Natural selection
  75. Who killed Hector and how Achilles died? — Achilles, an arrow pierced his heel
  76. Some of these resources are not in jeans? — Lead
  77. What describes a monotheist? — Worship one God
  78. Who in India has a title of Mahatma? To Karamchand Mohandas Gandhi
  79. One of the capitals of Austria-Hungary was Budapest, and the other? — Vienna
  80. Who have each other Zeus and Hermes in Greek mythology? — Father and son
  81. Which civilization had the first public toilets? — Ancient Rome
  82. That this was not the purpose of Greek mythology? — Specify the path to salvation
  83. Where the most hurricanes? — In the open sea
  84. In some parts of the world, as is commonly believed, originated mankind? Africa
  85. Who of the Europeans wrote the first detailed travel notes about the history, culture and art of China? — Marco Polo
  86. Which commanders became famous under the name of Barbarossa? — Frederick I
  87. One of the commanders was nicknamed "the Celtic rose"? — Boudicca
  88. Who invented Trojan horse? Who won the Trojan war? — Ulysses; the Greeks
  89. Which of the following is a phase of the event "the Greatest ruler"? — The destruction of the enemy
  90. Who compatriots believed honest and the best a Democrat of Ancient Greece? — Pericles
  91. Which commanders known as the "Iron lady of Mercia"? — Ethelfleda
  92. What was the basis of economy of Ancient Egypt? — Agriculture
  93. What country first used movable type? — China
  94. How is renewable energy produced by burning organic materials such as wood and alcohol? — Biomass
  95. Which of the following was NOT invented in China? — Seismograph
  96. What natural disaster is measured on the Richter scale? — Earthquake
  97. What is a source of energy? — Oil
  98. What is the motto of four words followed ODA Nobunaga? — Rule can only force
  99. Who of the ancient Greek physicists discovered the law of floating bodies, taking a bath? — Archimedes
  100. What planet in the Solar system the fastest? — Jupiter
  101. One of these commanders successfully commanded the infantry? — Richard I
  102. Where the king of France, Louis XIV moved the Royal court in 1682? — Palace of Versailles
  103. Which commanders participated in the hundred years war? — Joan of arc
  104. Who was the first Roman Emperor? — Augustus
  105. Who rules the Kingdom? — Leader of the Alliance that won the Forgotten temple
  106. One of the commanders was nicknamed "Defender of Carthage"? — Hannibal Barca
  107. What king of Wales officially became the United Kingdom? — Henry VIII
  108. How much acceleration can be used in the Ark of Osiris? — Acceleration of healing
  109. One of these commanders participated in the battle of Chiba? — Cao Cao
  110. How is called the heart of a hurricane? — Eyes
  111. Who according to Norse mythology, possessed the spear Gungnir? One
  112. What is the process of splitting atoms? — Splitting
  113. What was not one of the reasons for the beginning of the Renaissance in Italy? — Plague walked around the side of Italy beyond the Alps
  114. Based on what adaptation? — On the mutations and genetic recombination
  115. Which commanders showed his military genius at the Battle of Poitiers in the eighth century BC? — Charles Martel
  116. Which of these items CANNOT be found in a silver chest in the tavern? — The Tome of knowledge level.3
  117. Who was the only English king executed? — Charles I
  118. Where it is necessary to carry the ark in the Ark of Osiris? — To a non-enemy building
  119. Where is the Revival? — Italy
  120. Which of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac goes first? Rat
  121. What type of unit is strong against cavalry? — Infantry
  122. Two major works attributed to Homer? The Odyssey and the Iliad
  123. When it was written the Declaration of Independence? — 1776
  124. Who was Spartacus before he headed the largest slave revolt in Ancient Rome? — Gladiator
  125. Which commanders known as the "Conqueror of Chaos"? — Cao Cao
  126. The events of a war or battle is devoted to Homer's Epics "the Iliad"? — The Trojan war
  127. Much of the Mughal Empire brought Islam? — A large part of India
  128. How is sedimentary rock formed from decomposed plant material in marshy areas? Coal
  129. What type of unit is strong against infantry? — Hands
  130. Which of Babylonian codes was the first full set of laws in recorded history? — The Code Of Hammurabi
  131. Why frogs and other organisms produce so many offspring/eggs? — The more offspring, the more likely it is to survive
  132. Who was the last female Pharaoh of the Ptolemaic dynasty? — Cleopatra VII
  133. What color is the fur of a polar bear? — Black
  134. What is the type of electricity generated by water through the large dams in the river? — Hydroelectric energy
  135. Who conquered the Byzantine Empire? — Ottomans
  136. Which layer of the Sun can be seen in normal conditions with the naked eye? — Photosphere
  137. Which of the following musical instrument with six strings? Guitar
  138. People in what profession, born in Ancient Greece, are obliged to give the Hippocratic oath? Doctors
  139. As from VIII to XI BC Europeans called the Scandinavian invaders, often the attackers on their land? — Vikings
  140. What is the nickname of Julius Caesar? — Uncrowned king
  141. One of these commanders from childhood was considered an enemy of Rome? — Hannibal Barca
  142. How to get loans technology Alliance? To contribute to the study of technology Alliance
  143. Mutations are important, because they contribute to... Genetic variation necessary for evolution of a population
  144. With whom Minamoto no Yoshitsune summoned the army to fight Taira no Kiyomori? — Minamoto no Yoritomo
  145. Which of the following does not increase the experience of the commander? — Attack other players
  146. Which ancient Greek Polis was famous for the brutal military training and bravery of their warriors? — Sparta
  147. Which of the following does not bring personal loans? — Sending resources to allies
  148. What is not included in the number of passive skills Pelayo? — Offensive
  149. "Revival" what was the Renaissance? — Classical culture
  150. How many fingers on each hand the image of the cartoon character Mickey mouse? — 4
  151. One of these commanders skillfully gathers resources? — Cleopatra VII
  152. When Achilles refused to fight, Patroclus wore his armor, attacked the Trojans and killed. Who killed Patroclus? — Hector
  153. One of these commanders was able to defeat in the battle of Cyrus the Great? — Tomiris
  154. That was the only weak point of Achilles according to Greek mythology? — Heel
  155. Who founded the Kingdom of Asturias? Pelayo
  156. What is a non-renewable source of energy (like coal, oil or natural gas)? — Fossil fuels
  157. Which Portuguese Explorer sailed from the Cape of Good Hope to India? — Vasco da Gama
  158. In any war the British houses of Lancaster and York fought for the English throne? — The war of the roses
  159. What kind of work made famous by raphaël? — The school of Athens
  160. Of the commanders who bore the nickname "Roaring barbarian"? Of lohar
  161. The material from which the Egyptians made paper? — Papyrus
  162. What is not included in the number of skills Sid Campeador? — Chivalry
  163. What is the process of combining atoms? — Synthesis
  164. What nickname was the first Russian king of tyranny? — Ivan The Terrible
  165. Why Florence played an important role in the Renaissance? — The birthplace and symbol of the Renaissance
  166. Who are the heroes of Greek mythology went for the Golden fleece? — Jason
  167. What metal resource? — Iron
  168. Which of these inexhaustible energy resources is associated with hot magma or hot dry rocks under the earth? — Geothermal energy
  169. Which of these works created by Leonardo da Vinci? The Last Supper, Mona Lisa
  170. Who wrote "the last Supper"? — Leonardo da Vinci
  171. What distinguishes the visual art of the Renaissance? — Plane/two-dimensionality
  172. What was the name of the only ancient civilization that developed in the tropical jungle, not in the basin? — The Incas
  173. Where the Roman soldiers took the weapons and armor? — Do it yourself
  174. Which of the terms describes the act of limiting use of a natural resource to protect it? — Save
  175. How many action points can be collected by the ruler, without using a positive effects? — 1000
  176. How many times digit 1 is used when writing the numbers from 1 to 99? — 20
  177. Someone called "the Napoleon of crime" in some of the stories about Sherlock Holmes? — Professor Moriarty
  178. Which of the fruit, known as the "wolf peach", was mistakenly thought to be poisonous? — Tomatoes
  179. Some of the objects NOT in the Stores of the Alliance? Gold key
  180. What are the Holy places give bonuses for assault troops? — Altar flame
  181. Who proposed the philosophical idea "I think, therefore I exist"? — Descartes
  182. What country gave the American people the Statue of Liberty? — France
  183. What building was built in London for the holding of the great exhibition of industrial works in 1851? — Crystal Palace
  184. What orders of mammals are pigs? — Artiodactyls
  185. What country hosted the Carlist wars in the nineteenth century? — Spain
  186. Which of these marine species are the longest? — Nautilus
  187. One of these physicists was born on the anniversary of the death of Galileo Galileo died on the day of Einstein's birth? — Stephen Hawking
  188. Which of the following was known as the Eastern Roman Empire? — The Byzantine Empire
  189. The birthplace of traditional Chinese Comedy Xiangsheng were three places: Tianqiao in Beijing, Bazaar Koine in Tianjin and another in Nanjing. What? Of fuzimiao
  190. The prototype of the king of hearts in poker - Charlemagne
  191. The largest island in the world Greenland


  1. Who founded the Joseon dynasty? — Yi Song-Gye
  2. What ethnic group founded the earliest civilization of Mesopotamia? — The Sumerians
  3. One of these commanders joined the rebellion against her own husband? — Constance
  4. Some of the known minerals softer just? — Talc
  5. What Asian country located on the territory of the former Parthian Empire? — Iran
  6. Which of these alternative sources of energy is the splitting of heavy atoms into lighter to release energy? — Nuclear energy
  7. Which French king was nicknamed the Holy? — Louis IX
  8. What was not a pillar of the Renaissance? — Mannerism
  9. Which inventor built the first electric locomotive in 1837? — Robert Davidson
  10. Who invented the printing press? — Johann Gutenberg
  11. What was the intellectual movement of the Renaissance, in which thinkers studied classical texts and the possibilities and achievements of man? — Humanism
  12. Four basic forms of the guzheng in Ancient China was haojun, Lucy, of csawwa and ...? Rolan
  13. "The end justifies the means" — the famous dictum of the author of "Sovereign". What was his name? — Machiavelli
  14. Four major musicals in the world — "Cats," "Les Miserables," "Miss Saigon" and ...? — The phantom of the Opera
  15. What dynasty was Queen Victoria? — Hanover
Lyceum knowledge. The answers to the questions.
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